Oversized Blazers


For me, comfort is the first thing I look for when it comes to fashion. As much as I love high heels, I would much rather wear my old sneakers on casual days. I also have a weird addiction to oversized clothes, not the “two sizes bigger than my actual size” kind, but clothing that is my true size, but is actually designed to look oversized.

A few days ago, I went to ZARA to get a nice shirt for a job interview. I was in the queue for the fitting room to try on few shirts that I had chosen, and I noticed a black blazer which caught my eye. The queue for the fitting room was pretty long and I had an actual argument with myself in my head to decide if I should get the blazer with the risk of ending up having to go to the very back of the queue again. I took the risk! I got the blazer, went to fitting room, and I’m stoked! I don’t normally like blazers because of the shoulder pads, but this blazer from ZARA doesn’t have shoulder pads.

Oversized blazers, also known as boyfriend blazers have been in style for decades. It’s one of the most iconic styles that I remember from the 90’s movie ‘Clueless’.

Usually I prefer oversized or long jackets, but oversized blazers have been my new love for a while. This is because some of my favourite brands, including Balmain, make the most amazing oversized blazers.

While Balmain do make the most amazing blazers and jackets, their clothes are not necessary affordable for most people. They are always very consistent with their clothes, I can tell it is a Balmain without even looking at the label. As I wrote in a previous post, I was so glad they did the collaboration with H&M last year!

A few other brands who I find also make amazing oversized blazers are Saint Laurent, Lanvin, and Isabel Marant.

Overall what I like most about oversized blazers is that it does not look too formal while also not looking too casual at the same time, so by wearing this over tank top or a t-shirt and jeans, you instantly elevated your look.


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