Cookies & Cream and Rose Macarons

Ahh, my first baking post!

I started baking when I was 17 years old. My parents are not huge fans of desserts, so while my mum is an amazing cook, she did not bake very often. The main reason why I started learning how to bake was thanks to one of my favourite TV shows, Masterchef, and the first thing I ever baked was brownies. It turned out pretty good and I was extremely proud of myself!

I love macarons. I’ve always wanted to try to make them but I’ve always been slightly scared to try. I think this is because on Masterchef they always make it seem like it’s extremely difficult. I eventually did conjure up the courage to give it a shot a few years ago. My first attempt was pretty bad. The macarons tasted great but they were not very pleasing to the eye. It took a few more attempts before I started to improve my technique and gain some understanding of how the batter is supposed to look and feel, so now I can usually tell how my macrons will turn out just looking at the batter.

Two weeks ago, I made two types of flavoured macrons to give to someone as a gift. I made Cookies and Cream Macarons, and Rose Macarons. Having very limited time in the day due to my one year old, I had to make the macarons over a period of three days. The first two days to bake the macaron shells, and the third day I made the filling.

Macaron Shells

I followed the Oreo Macarons recipe on the Liv for Cake blog to make the Cookies and Cream Macarons. I love this recipe as it hasn’t failed me yet, and always turns out great!

For the Rose Macarons, I made normal Macarons, but died the shells pink using food colouring. I followed the “Basic French Macarons” recipe on Shinee’s Sweet & Savory blog. This recipe also turned out great, and I’ll definitely be coming back to it very often!

As I wasn’t going to put the filling in straight away, I placed the macaron shells in an airtight container and stored them in the fridge. Macaron usually taste better after they have matured anyway, so by keeping them in airtight container for a day or two, your macaron should taste better.

Macaron Filling

For my filling, I made normal buttercream and split it into two bowls. In one bowl I mixed in some Oreo crumbs, and the other one, I mixed in little bit of Rose Water, and dyed it with pink gel food colouring. Be careful not to add too much Rose Water as it could change the consistency of the buttercream.

My go-to recipe for buttercream is CupcakeJemma’s Buttercream Recipe.

Once everything was ready, I filled the macarons. To enhance the rose flavour, I put a small amount of Rose Jam in the center of the macaron before piping the rose flavoured buttercream around it. I was very pleased with how the macarons turned out, and will definitely be making them again in the future!

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