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I love Bobbi Brown products. I’ve been using Bobbi Brown products for a few years now but since I’ve moved to London and been busy with many other things, Bobbi Brown kind of slipped my mind. A few weeks ago, quite randomly I stumbled onto their UK website and I was pretty much drooling! They always have great offers every month, either cheaper prices or TONS of free samples. As someone who had been temporarily cut off from this brand, the offers are an excellent bonus! Back in Indonesia, I usually bought my Bobbi Brown products over the counter in various shops, there wasn’t really many offers or deals.

List of the products that I’ve recently bought:

  1. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick (Warm Ivory)
  2. Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand (Extra Light)
  3. Bobbi Brown Illuminating Cheek Palette (Guava)
  4. Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil + Sharpener (Ballet Pink)
  5. Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara
  6. Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara 
  7. Bobbi Brown Instant Long Wear Makeup Remover
  8. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks (Powder Pink)
  9. Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip gloss

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick

I was on a mission to find a new foundation for my dry skin. The great thing about buying makeup on the official Bobbi Brown website is that you are able to chat with their makeup artist live! Normally, I prefer liquid foundation as I’ve had bad experiences with foundation sticks in the past, but the makeup artist recommended getting the skin foundation stick and chose the shade for me. I must admit, I was a little bit skeptical at first, but since I can return the product if I don’t like it, I figured I’ll give it another try!

The photo on the left is my skin after moisturizer and primer but no foundation and the photo on the right picture is my skin after moisturizer, primer, and foundation.

You might not be able to see too well in the photos, but my skin definitely looks a lot smoother after the foundation. The foundation feels really light and creamy, almost like it’s not there, and the coverage is light to medium, which is perfect for everyday foundation.

Will I buy the foundation stick again? Definitely! This foundation has become my favorite as it is very easy to put on and it prevents me from accidentally using too much, which used to happen frequently with liquid foundation!

Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand

For concealer, the makeup artist suggested getting the Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand. This concealer reminds me of my all time favorite concealer, the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer, just a little bit slimmer and slightly lighter than the Maybelline one. Due to the Bobbi Brown one being a little bit light, I wasn’t able to use the Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand to highlight my face, but I could use it under my eyes and also cover some redness on my face.

Will I buy this again? Probably not, I found that the concealer does it job but there are better concealers out there. That said, I am still interested in trying the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer.

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Cheek Palette

The main reason why I bought this is because I needed a good, small sized cheek palette to put in my travel makeup bag. I LOVE the Bobbi Brown blush, so I have high expectations for this palette.

The palette is smaller than I expected, but I loved what I saw when I first open it. I picked the shade “Guava” because I know the shade “peach” would have been too light considering this is Bobbi Brown product.

Bobbi Brown product are all about natural looking, so most of their products are quite light and you need to build it if you want a more intense look. I love the shimmery bronzer, but it doesn’t look too shimmery when you put it on your cheeks, instead it gives you a healthy glow look. I love the blush, but because the highlight is quite warm, you can barely see it once it’s on your cheeks. If you like having a blinding highlight then you won’t like this one. I personally like it for my everyday look.

Will I buy this again? Maybe, It’s a decent palette for traveling. It is limited edition so hopefully, they won’t discontinue it too quickly!

Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil and Sharpener

The only reason I bought this is because I needed a new lip liner. I usually prefer Make Up For Ever lip liners, but I thought it would be nice change to try the Bobbi Brown one for once. An additional bonus was that I received a sharpener alongside the lip liner! While I didn’t really need one, it was definitely a quite pleasant surprise!

I went for the shade powder pink, and I like the colour a lot more than I had expected. The lip liner is very creamy and easy to use. In the past, I’ve tried cheaper lip liners because I’ve always feel a bit weird paying so much for basically a pencil, but the price difference definitely shows! Cheaper lip liners have always turned out very stiff and the colour doesn’t really come out at all, never again!

Will I buy the Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil again? Maybe. I feel like the quality is very similar to Make Up For Ever one, so I might just stick to Make Up For Ever one as it’s slightly cheaper.

Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara and Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara 

Bobbi Brown Mascaras are probably the best mascaras I’ve ever tried. They are very long lasting, and you only need one coat to make your eyelashes look longer.

On the picture above, I wore one coat of the Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara, and you can really see the difference. I like both the Eye-Opening mascara and the Smokey Eye Mascara a lot,  but I like the Smokey Eye mascara slightly more purely because the brush is smaller which I find easier to use without getting messy or getting big lumps of mascara on my lashes.

Will I buy these products again? definitely! I highly recommended the mascaras!

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks

I haven’t played with this too much so far. I’ve used it couple times on my cheeks and I like how easy it is to use. I used my finger to blend the product on my cheeks and I love how natural it looks!

Will I buy this again? definitely! It’s so easy to use and it’s perfect to put in my travel makeup bag.

Finally, at the beginning of my post, I mentioned free samples if you buy products from the Bobbi Brown website. They have different offers every month, last month they gave away their new mini lip art liquid lipstick, which I unfortunately missed! But I’ve been interested in trying their skin care products, and luckily I received a few of their skincare samples, so I’m quite excited to find out if I like them, and if they are worth investing in the full product!

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