Spring Makeup Trends – A Natural “No-Makeup”, Makeup Look

It might be a little late since spring has started already, but I felt like writing about some of the makeup trends that are popular during spring this year.

I’ve noticed two popular makeup trends. The first trend is all about getting a natural “no-makeup” makeup appearance and make your skin have a healthy looking glow. The second trend is all about bright colours, glitter, festival look, and sparkle.

Credit: Cosmopolitan

In this post, I want to talk about the first trend, the natural “no-makeup” makeup look to get a healthy glow. I would recommend some makeup products that I personally use to achieve this look.

Primer – Bobbi Brown Hydrating eye cream and Hydrating face cream

If you read my previous post, you may know that that I received a few free skincare samples from Bobbi Brown. I’ve used these free samples a few times now and I know it takes a while to actually find out if a product really works on your skin or not, but I feel that after even after just a few uses, I can already see that the products are hydrating my face and give me the extra glow. My skin gets very dry during the winter, but for some reason, it has been acting up even more since spring has started this year! So I need to put in some extra effort to achieve the healthy, glowing skin look. I feel like the hydrating eye and face cream from Bobbi Brown do the job perfectly!

Foundation – Maybelinne Dream Satin Liquid Foundation + Bio Oil

I wasn’t very impressed with this foundation the first time I tried it, but it grew on me after few uses. This foundation doesn’t dry out my skin, and I like how it leaves my skin looking healthy. You need to be careful and use as little of the product as possible otherwise it can make your skin look a bit “cakey”. To achieve the dewy look, I like to mix this foundation with Bio Oil. I normally use this oil for other purposes, but it works great for moisturizing my face as well. By mxing the foundation with the Bio Oil, you can get away with using less foundation, making it last longer, and it will give you the dewy healthy look.

Eyeshadow – Tartelette in Bloom

For the “no-makeup”, makeup look trend, this palette can be your bestfriend this spring and summer! Not only does the packaging suit the weather due to its flowery appearance, but the colours selection in this palette is perfect for an everyday makeup look.

Cheeks – Bobbi Brown Illuminating Cheek Palette

Peach blusher is the trend for spring and even summer this year. This colour is flattering for pretty much every skin tone and you only need a small amount to bring out the natural glow of your skin. I chose this palette because it also comes with a bronzer and highlighter as well, which I feel gives the extra glow that you want.

Lipstick – Marc Jacobs lip creme – Shade Slow Burn

I got this lipstick a few months ago from the Marc Jacobs Up All Night Petite 5 Piece Le Marc Lip Creme Collection, meaning it’s smaller than the full sized one. This lipstick has been my all time favorite lipstick since I got it, and I’ve been using it pretty much non-stop for months now! It’s a very natural looking nude lipstick, and it feels very hydrating without looking too glossy as well! I will definitely buy the full size when I finish with this one.

Mascara – tarteist lash paint mascara

I was a bit skeptical when I first got this as the spoolie brush felt slightly rough, so I wasn’t sure if I would like it. It turns out, the spoolie brush helped me to achieve the longer natural eyelashes look! I can easily put this on my upper and lower eyelashes without any problem. My eyelashes look longer and there aren’t any lumps from the mascara either!

I don’t like to wear heavy makeup on a daily basis, especially while my skin is feeling so dry lately. I like to touch up on my eyebrows, put on a thin line of eyeliner, a little bit of powder, blush, and a nude lipstick or lipgloss and I’m good to go!

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