TÎNG, Shangri-La Hotel – Signature Restaurant and Lounge

Ting Restaurant is a British Asian fusion restaurant located on the 35th floor of the Shangri-La hotel at Shard, London. According to their website, the name Ting is derived from the Chinese word for living room, and what a fancy living room it was! While they have different menus depending on what time you visit (breakfast, lunch, dinner, even afternoon tea and late supper!), there is one thing you will experience regardless of time of day – the absolutely stunning London view. As the restaurant is on the 35th floor of the Shard, which is itself in Central London, you get an absolutely beautiful view! You can see Tower Bridge and various other buildings glowing with their night lights on.

Me and my husband visited the Ting Restaurant back in August. We made a reservation a few days prior and booked a table at 8:00 PM. While it isn’t stated anywhere on the website, the Ting Restaurant does in fact have a halal option, but you need to give them 24-hour notice for this option to be available. We arrived at the Shard at 8:00 PM, and made our way up to the restaurant where we were politely greeted by the hostess. She seated us next to the window where we had a perfect view of Tower Bridge.

For our starters, I ordered the Dorset Crab. It is crab meat with sourdough, watercress, and Bormano oil sorbet. I found it a slightly odd at first because visually the sorbet made it feel like I was eating a dessert, but once I had my first bite, I discovered the sorbet was not sweet and when you eat it together with the crab and sourdough, it was quite good.

Dorset Crab at the Ting - Shangri-La Resturant

For our main course, both me and my husband decided to go for the Fillet Steak. I chose the Béarnaise sauce while my husband ordered the peppercorn sauce. While the dish did come with a tiny salad, we decided to ordered some extra side dishes. I chose to go for the sauteed baby spinach while my husband ordered french fries. I ordered my steak to be medium rare, but I found it to be bit to the rare side which I still enjoyed. While my Béarnaise was good, I found that I preferred the peppercorn sauce my husband chose. If I visit this restaurant again, I will definitely go for the peppercorn sauce next time.

Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the dessert that I ordered but it had strawberries and raspberries sauce, with yogurt meringue. I enjoyed the dessert as well, but i’m not a big fan of the meringue. Next time I will definitely order something else. My husband couldn’t remember what the name of his dessert was either, I only remember that his dessert had mochi ice cream along with some other bits. Visually it looked very interesting, and he also said it tasted pretty good as well!

Dessert at the Ting - Shangri-La Resturant
My Dessert
Dessert at the Ting - Shangri-La Resturant
Husbands Dessert

After we finished our meal, we were given a complimentary plate of chocolates. Both me and my husband only had one each, both choosing the Hazelnut one. It was the perfect way to finish the night!

Complimentary Chocolates at the Ting - Shangri-La Resturant

Overall, the food was good, the view was great and we had a wonderful time.

Price wise, it is on the expensive side but considering it is located in The Shard, it is to be expected. That said, I feel it is entirely worth every penny for special occasions. Other than the excellent food, you also get an excellent all round service from the staff and one of my favourite parts of our evening was the exquisite view of London from the Shard, which you would normally have to pay for if you wanted to use the viewing platform at the Shard!

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