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I love accessories! I always wear accessories for all occasions. Accessories are very important to complete a look, it can elevate your look to the next level, however it can also completely ruin the look you were going for, so it is super important to choose your accessories wisely. For me, it depends on my mood and also on the occasion. Sometimes I might go for the neat and classy look, and other times the super crazy look!

Lately, I’ve been going for the neat look, but I’m quite obsessed with the bohemian or ethnic look! I don’t really wear bright coloured clothes often, but with my accessories I love to go crazy! But as much as I love accessories, unfortunately I can sometimes be quite clumsy and manage to lose them. Because of this, I usually go for the more affordable accessories. I though it would be good to make a list some of the store that sells affordable, but great quality accessories.

1. B O H O M O O N


I love this on-line shop! It’s one of UK’s biggest on-line bohemian boutique! They are a perfect example of the types of accessories I love. I could browse the Bohomoon website for hours and still wouldn’t be able to decide what to buy because I love everything! Bohomoon’s accessories were also featured in the British Vogue Magazine in August 2015, and September 2015. Other than accessories, they also sell phone cases, temporary tattoos, tapestries, and clothes. They sometimes offer free worldwide shipping, but otherwise it is a flat of £5.50, regardless of how many items you buy, so its good for people who live outside the UK!

2. Novica


Novica sells very unique, handmade ethnic jewellery and other things such as clothes, home décor, and even paintings. What I love about this Novica is that the jewellery they sell are actually made by a lot of artisans from few different countries, and each countries has their own style and uniqueness which is good because it gives me more options. Another positive note is that Novica actually has a very good fair-trade policy, making sure the artist is fairly compensated for the work they have done!

3. Grosir Fashion Online


If you, like me, are living in Indonesia and you don’t know this website already then prepare to get blown away! Grosir Fashion sell accessories, clothes, bags, and many other things. They only sell imported things, so you have to pre-order the things you want, which will then be delivered to you two to three weeks after payment. They do have some ready stock but you have to pre-order if you want more options. That said, Grosir Fashion is the full package! Trust me, they sell all type of accessories, bohemian, ethnic, and even modern accessories. And the price you ask? Oh! only at least 70% cheaper than anywhere else! Grosir Fashion is pretty much happy place. 🙂

These are three of my favourite websites to buy affordable accessories. If you have any recommendation for me to look, please do let me know!


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