So I decided to make a blog because I need to force myself to write more. I love to write, I have a little white book where I like to write down my thoughts, and draw random things, I also tried to write my own novels few times when I was younger (lol). I guess lack of confidence is the reason why I never really try to start, and Some people have been telling me to start my own blog and not to care about what will happen.

So here we go… my name is Marisaa, I’m 24 year old, Science of Communication graduate. In my spare time, I like to read books, listen to music, cook and bake, watch some movies/TV shows, shopping, etc. I’m pretty much very interested in Fashion, and also in early childhood education, which I would love to learn more about in the future. I’m going to write about things that I like, related to fashion, music, books, movies and I may write some reviews as well. I do have Twitter account which I will start to be more active on, Tumblr account which I only use for inspiration purposes, and also Instagram account.

I guess that’s all for now


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